Palestinian-American artist based in Chicago | One of Pop/R&B's emerging voices

Women's Empowerment Advocate

"MAGIC" ft. Kal Jazeera


One of Jazz and R&B’s emerging indie voices, Amira Jazeera showcases a unique sound and aesthetic. The young artist started singing at 6-years-old and always knew her calling was in music.

She moved to Chicago when she was just 18-years-old to begin her journey as an artist, songwriter, singer and producer. Jazeera’s music explores coming into her own independence after challenging traditional norms of what is expected of her.

She gracefully comes into her own and explores her struggles as an Arab-American woman discovering herself and how she fits into a complex world. Jazeera writes soulful r&b songs about self love and intimacy while incorporating jazzy vocals. Her smooth downtempo sound is pure, soulful and her lyrics are relatable. Jazeera's deeply personal track “Self Centered” is full of unapologetic energy and bold statements regarding protecting one's heart and knowing your self-worth.

Listening to Jazeera's tracks, one can feel the ongoing soul searching. Born in Columbus, Ohio, and now based in Chicago, Jazeera's identity as a Palestinian woman living in the diaspora highly informs her craft and sound as well. She draws inspiration from Palestinian instruments such as the tablah and the oud and merges it with todays modern sounds. Jazeera adores other r&b and pop artists and is influenced by artists such as Snoh Aalegra, Aaliyah, Brandy, India Arie & Ariana Grande. Her music can be found on Spotify and Apple music.

Palestine in America interviewed Jazeera ahead of her Palipalooza performance in August to discuss her writing process, her Palestinian background and her advice for aspiring artists.

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